Universal Accessibility as a Core Internet Value

The Internet is for everyone and can help improve the quality of life of people everywhere. The Internet is accessible to all the people of the world, regardless of nationality, religion, language and political beliefs, free of barriers and controls.

The Internet provides universal access, giving the same powerful capabilities to everyone who has access to the network no matter where they are.

The Internet is based on a common standard, the TCP/IP network protocol, which provides all computers with access to the network with the same technical interface and capabilities. This common foundation makes all of the internet technologies equally available to anyone connected to the Internet.

This architecture gives everyone the ability to make information like text, audio, and video accessible to a world wide audience at an extremely low cost, since website storage space and lots of bandwidth can be rented from web hosting providers for low fees. Because the Internet has a “many-to-many” architecture, with everyone having the same capabilities as anyone else, it allows anyone to become a global publisher.

The earlier Citizen’s Band radio and Amateur Radio technologies provided a similar ability to share a common space across geographical distances. The Internet is the current such frontier. You should feel free to approach the Internet with a spirit of exploration, and don’t need to have a task or a question to answer — you can surf from link to link or try random searches just to see what turns up, like exploring a new city. If you feel moved to set up a website about your favorite hobby, go ahead. The Internet is universally empowering – everyone can participate.

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