The end to end principle

The edge-dominant end-to-end architecture of the Internet is essential to its utility as a platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. .

Open Standards

The remarkable growth of the Internet and the limitless variety of Internet applications follow directly from the open model of Internet connectivity and standards development. .

Universal Access

The Internet is for everyone and can help improve the quality of life of people everywhere. The Internet is accessible to all the people of the world, regardless of nationality, religion, language and political beliefs, free of barriers and controls.

Freedom of Expression

The Internet is a powerful mass medium for self-expression which depends on the ability of its users to speak freely. The Internet supports free flow of communication—and, where appropriate, anonymous—means of communication. .

About the Dynamic Coalition

hat is the Internet? What makes it what it is? What are its architectural principles? What are the core values? And what is happening to the core values in the process of its evolution? What is it that needs to be preserved and what changes are inevitable? What does the Internet Community say as what can’t be changed? How could changes and improvements be brought about without compromising on the core values? How would the different positions between stakeholders be reconciled to commit to the core Internet values?

The IGF Workshop at Egypt (workshop No 319) with ISOC President Lynn St Amour as Chair of the Workshop “Workshop on Fundamentals: Core Internet Values” examined these questions. Since IGF 2010 at Vilnius, Lithuania the deliberations continued as the theme of the Dynamic Coalition for Core Internet Values. This Dynamic Coalition is organized by ISOC India Chennai with support from Ian Peter Associates, OneWebDay and the Elon School of Communications. Contact us